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Garrett Milby, KidFRIENDLy CCRC from West Point and Tulsa Welding graduate, shared information about welding careers and opportunities with CHS students. 

Congratulations to this month's academic achievers!

Campbellsville High School Computer Science students have been getting hands-on experience with some of the most cutting-edge technology.  A 3D printer has been installed in the computer lab and students are using TinkerCad software to design and print 3D objects. The first student-created printed object was an iPhone case (Click on Read More to view photos).  Students have also been researching real-world uses of 3D printers and have reported on their findings.  3D printers are being utilized in the biomedical field for creating prosthetic limbs and creating organ models from MRI images for pre-surgery examination. They are making replacement parts for the International Space Station.  The students discovered these printers can also be used to print food and clothes.  You no longer need to pack your clothes for vacation…..just print them when you arrive at your destination!

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