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Latest News

CHS Marching Band sweeps class


Campbellsville High School Marching Band swept its class on Saturday, Sept. 24.


CHS sophomores Randy Harris, at left, and Josh Mahan play saxophone.

CMS, CHS students learn to critique artwork


Campbellsville middle and high school students recently did an exercise to learn how to critique and explain artwork.


CMS seventh-grader Dalvian Thornton draws as classmate Logan Rakes describes a piece of artwork.

CHS teacher uses alternative seating in classroom


Campbellsville High School teacher Lindsay Williams is using alternative seating in her classroom, and she says her students love it.


CHS juniors, from left, Jeremy Rainwater, Aidan McMahan and Jackson Hunt take notes in Lindsay Williams’s class while sitting in her new couches. In the foreground is junior Connor Wilson.

CHS students register for FSA accounts


Campbellsville High School seniors are preparing to submit their requests for financial aid to help them attend college.


KHEAA representative Audrey Price helps CHS senior Michael De Oliveira register for a FSA ID account.