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What Can You Say Besides Sound it Out

What Can You Say Besides
To help children monitor their reading:
  • wait time
  • try that again
  • are you right?
To help children use meaning:
  • look at the pictures to help yourself
  • does that make sense?
  • think about what would make sense
To help children use language structure:
  • does that sound right?
  • does that fit?
  • can we say it that way?
To help children cross check (use 2 or 3 sources of information):
  • check to see if what you said makes sense and looks right
  • check to see if what you said sounds right and looks right
  • ________ makes sense, but does it look right?
To help children use visual information:
  • read all the words up to the tricky word and start it
  • say more of the word
  • do you see a part/chunk you know?
  • does that look right to you?
  • look at how the word begins
  • do you know another word that starts that way? Ends that way?
  • if that was ________, what letter would you expect to see at the beginning?
  • do you know a word that looks/sounds like that?
To foster independence:
  • what can you do to help yourself?
  • what can you try?
  • are you right? how do you know?
  • I like the way you tried to help yourself
  • I like the way you worked out the hard part
  • find the tricky part
  • what did you notice?
  • good readers keep trying
  • check it
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